Huge congratulations go to Emily Pugh, Year 10 Bromley High School,  who was selected for the National Youth Harp Orchestra, a specialist ensemble which takes the very best UK harpists from across the UK.

“I went for an audition which involved ten minutes of sight-reading, performing, and talking about my musical experiences. Eight days later, I received the fantastic email offering me a place at the orchestra!  I was thrilled and soon I was off to the first rehearsal. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming and the music sounded amazing. Pieces such as “In The Mood” and “Baroque Flamenco” featured in our repertoire, as well as “Harpy Ever After” and “Wind Harp”.  NYHO’s aim is to “bring the magic of a thousand strings to a wider audience” which means that are 33 harps in total. So far, I have enjoyed everything about the ensemble and am looking forward to playing in the next concert with them.”



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